08/22/2010 03:21 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Too Much Spin Selling - Not Enough Selling!

Too many companies are spin selling themselves on how effective they have been at cutting their expenses and forgotten that the key to any business is selling to increase the revenue line. "We are going to make more money this year because we have our budgets in line, we are running lean and mean now", is what one executive recently told me. I thought, congratulations but how about quit spin selling yourself into the illusion of expense control and lets show your organization through effective sales training how to go out and conquer those extra sales that will increase your bottom line even more so.

Regardless of the latest economic predictions, unemployment numbers and uncertainty will remain high and this economy is going to be difficult for years to come. Business and households cannot continue to cut budgets before they will have to increase the top line growth through by generating new revenue - sales.

Sales training
- Sales Training - Sales Training is the only solution to getting your people into the market to increase sales and increased revenue. Effective sales training is more important that your phone system, the inventory, mail campaigns, your advertising, internet campaign, even your front door. Without effective sales training, sales results and sales people effectively increasing revenue sooner or later your net profits will disappear.

When you don't continue to grow the top line of a company or household and only pay attention to the bottom line, it is only a matter of time before you cease to have a bottom line.

During recessions, particularly of long duration, while your competition retreats and shrinks and makes all decisions based on expenses and budgets, expand your thinking and actions to increase the revenue line through sales effectiveness. The only way to do so is to involve the company in effective sales training that will lead to increased revenue. If the sales training the organization is doing does not immediately impact sales effectiveness without negatively impacting the bottom line discard it!

Find a sales training sales training program that will accomplish an increase in revenue immediately and that makes available to your people sales tips, sales articles, sales training videos, sales training seminars and online sales training!

You have already done everything possible to reduce expenses now is the time to grab market share from the weak and increase revenue through effective sales training and sales effectiveness. Quit spin selling yourself on how accomplished you are at getting lean and mean, that should have been done years ago! Now confront the more difficult part of training your organization on how through effective sales techniques increase the revenue line.

Grant Cardone, NY Times Best Selling Author and Sales Training Expert