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D. R. Tucker


California Love

D. R. Tucker | Posted June 16, 2012

I don't remember watching The Earth Day Special when it was first broadcast by ABC in April 1990. Perhaps if I had watched it 22 years ago, I would have avoided falling for the right's denialist trap.
Thomas Shahan


Invaluable Tips for the Macro Photographer (PHOTOS)

Thomas Shahan | Posted September 10, 2012

Rick Fedrizzi


Fine Gardening Lessons for All of Us

Rick Fedrizzi | Posted June 16, 2012

Gardens are far more than a backdrop. They truly are symbols of life's resilience, of hope and possibility, of well-being and connection to something larger, and infinitely more important, than our simple selves.
Renee Parsons


No Nukes and Intervening Women

Renee Parsons | Posted June 16, 2012

What is less well-known is that at the root of the controversy against the construction of commercial nuclear power reactors is a handful of exceptional women, mostly "housewives" whose thankless work done at their dining room tables.
Mary Ellen Harte


Climate Change This Week: U.S. Droughts, Clean Energy Jobs and More

Mary Ellen Harte | Posted June 16, 2012

As if tornadoes aren't enough, USA Today reports that droughts are intensifying all over the U.S. -- you know, the sort of extreme weather likely to occur under continued global warming.
Tom Weis


Rocket Trike Diaries: Week Two

Tom Weis | Posted June 16, 2012

Join Renewable Rider Tom Weis as he pedals his rocket trike 2,150 miles through America's heartland in support of landowners fighting TransCanada's toxic Keystone XL tar sands pipeline scheme. Here are the video entries from Week Two.
Jedediah Purdy


Three Ideas for the Food Movement (Small, Medium and Large)

Jedediah Purdy | Posted June 16, 2012

Around the country, farming states are passing "ag-gag" laws that punish activists who record and share horrific scenes from inside confined feeding operations and slaughterhouses. The reason is clear: when people get a good look at these scenes, they don't like them.
Maddalena Bearzi


What I Learned From Working With Dolphins (PHOTOS)

Maddalena Bearzi | Posted June 16, 2012

When I began doing research in my twenties, I had no idea I would gradually become a staunch advocate for dolphin protection. But after spending thousands of hours in the company of these animals, coming to know them better, I stopped seeing dolphins simply as the object of my studies.
Scott Dodd


Crude Secrets: Tar Sands, Busted Pipelines and a Whistleblower's Day in Court

Scott Dodd | Posted June 16, 2012

On the night of July 25, 2010, a section of the continent's vast pipeline network spilled around a million gallons of chemical-laden crude into western Michigan waterways. In the debate over our nation's energy future, the Kalamazoo River spill may prove even more important than the BP blowout.
Steven Cohen


The Real Energy Future

Steven Cohen | Posted June 16, 2012

Naysayers beware -- the fossil fuel free energy future will come. The only thing we don't know is when it will come and what technologies will fuel it.
Pano Kroko


Accounting for Costs in our Energy Choices Might Just Save Our Economies

Pano Kroko | Posted June 16, 2012

Ignorance is bliss. Or is just plain destruction. And maybe our parents didn't know that they were causing a problem for future generations when they burned everything on sight to keep warm, to fight wars and to run our economies. But we know better. And we cannot pretend we don't...
Jenna Woginrich


Should Young Farmers Be Exempt From a National Draft?

Jenna Woginrich | Posted June 16, 2012

Would you be willing to grow or raise your own food in a time of national emergency such as war? Do you even know how?
David Burwell


Of Oil Prices and Elephants

David Burwell | Posted June 16, 2012

The debate over gas prices is a parlor game played out in Washington at the start of the driving season every spring. Let's see if we can parse the arguments made by the proponents of the various "truths" about gasoline prices.
Wayne Pacelle


Kreider Battery-Cage Egg Investigation Highlights Need for Federal Bill

Wayne Pacelle | Posted June 16, 2012

Our undercover investigator worked at Kreider's nine-barn facility for six weeks and documented appalling and extreme overcrowding of hens, dead birds in cages and barn floors covered with flies.
Andrew Gunther


The Conscientious Consumer's Quandary

Andrew Gunther | Posted June 16, 2012

If you aren't able to make regular visits to every farm your food dollar touches, and if you really want to have confidence in the farms you are supporting, you need to look for a credible third-party certification.
Nancy Chuda


Google Knows We Just Need Those Eggs!

Nancy Chuda | Posted June 16, 2012

Saying goodbye to a feathered friend. We lost her yesterday. It was very strange. A sad, sweet and funny event in our lives.
Ellen Kanner


Meatless Monday: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Stomps On Meat

Ellen Kanner | Posted June 16, 2012

Daniel Bryan is vegan, but don't call him Soy Boy. Well, you can, but you might regret it. Bryan is a WWE Superstar, a heavyweight champ who proves you can be meatless and still kick ass.
Peter Bosshard


Kenyan Dam Fighter to Receive Goldman Prize

Peter Bosshard | Posted June 16, 2012

Ikal Angelei receives the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize today. She is defending the interests of 500,000 poor indigenous people against a destructive hydropower dam, and has successfully taken on many of the world's biggest dam builders and financiers.