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Crew Wraps Up Mock Mars Mission With Reddit AMA

The Huffington Post | James Cave | July 23, 2014 | Science
If you took a six-month or two-year (or maybe even a one-way) trip to Mars, what would your life really be like once you land? How would you exercise? What would you eat? And, laundry? Pssh. How would you even have water in the first place? Scientists participating in...

Kevin McCarthy Bashes Obama's 'Climate Change Agenda,' Ignores Link To State's Severe Drought

Kate Sheppard | July 23, 2014 | Politics
WASHINGTON -- House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of using a trip to the West Coast to "push his climate change agenda" instead of addressing the California drought. In a press release issued Tuesday, McCarthy criticized Obama's travel agenda, saying, "[A]s the...

TiliLeaks: Exclusive Documents Reveal That Tilikum Was Trapped In A 31-Foot Pool For 17 Consecutive Days

The Dodo | James Gerken | July 23, 2014 | Green
Thanks to dolphin advocate Russ Rector, and his FOIA persistence, a large set of documents related to SeaWorld’s purchase of Tilikum from Sealand of the Pacific has now been released by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

Guy Decides To Talk To Some Baby Goats; Adorableness Ensues

The Huffington Post | Dominique Mosbergen | July 23, 2014 | Comedy
Baaahh. Talking to kids is always fun. All we need now are some subtitles.

Inside The Illegal Dog-meat Trade – CNN Photos - Blogs | Alana Horowitz | July 23, 2014 | Green
The dog photos are difficult to view.

Sam Van Aken's Tree Of 40 Fruits Will Change Your Mind About How Food Grows

The Huffington Post Canada | Brian Trinh | July 23, 2014 | Canada
Everyone knows peaches, plums and cherries grow on trees, but what if they could grow on the same tree? Well, one artist has removed the guess-work with a lot of tree sculpting and patience. Sam Van Aken currently works as an art professor at Syracuse University in New...

This Critically Endangered Baby Rhino Is An Adorable Addition To A Species In Need

The Huffington Post | Arin Greenwood | July 23, 2014 | Green
This sweet little rhino is not only impossibly cute, he's also critically endangered. Born on July 12, the black rhino calf, who doesn't have a name yet, is a "significant birth," according to staff at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Zoo spokesperson Ina Saliklis...

Architects Turn 50,000 Plastic Bottles Into A Dreamy, Cloud-Shaped Shelter

The Huffington Post | Katherine Brooks | July 23, 2014 | Arts
In the United States alone, consumers toss away more than 60 million plastic bottles each year. It's a staggering statistic, one that caught the attention of the architecture firm STUDIOKCA. In an attempt to highlight America's ongoing battle with consumption and waste, and provide a...

Neil deGrasse Tyson: America Will 'Sink Lower' Before Congress Acts On Climate Change

The Huffington Post | Shadee Ashtari | July 23, 2014 | Politics
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson predicted during an interview with Salon published Wednesday that climate change will have to "get very bad" before Congress feels threatened enough to advance meaningful environmental legislation. "In my read of history, when things get very bad, people tend to come into agreement about...

Global Warming Denial Linked To... Speaking English?

Climate Desk | Katherine Boehrer | July 23, 2014 | Green
This story first appeared on Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Here in the United States, we fret a lot about global warming denial. Not only is it a dangerous delusion, it's an incredibly prevalent one. Depending...

This Is Where Confiscated Wildlife Items Go To Die Another Death

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | July 23, 2014 | Green
Don't be fooled by the building's unremarkable exterior; inside this staid warehouse northeast of Denver resides one of the world's largest concentrations of items from the illegal wildlife trade. The 22,000-square-foot warehouse, officially called the "National Wildlife Property Repository," belongs to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and...

Gigantic Whale Gently Lifts A Kayak Out Of The Water With Its Head

The Huffington Post | Sarah Barness | July 23, 2014 | Green
Two adventurers kayaking in the blue waters near Puerto Madryn, Argentina crossed paths with some gentle giants of the sea. Gisela6652's video description roughly translates to, "One of the whales turned and came toward our direction, and lifted the boat twice!!" While the sight of the...

Do Yourself A Favor And Watch This Kitten Attack A Ceramic Cat

The Huffington Post | Carol Hartsell | July 23, 2014 | Comedy
This facebook share from Wouwi just made our day... we hope it makes yours, too. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

New Safety Rules Proposed To Curb Oil Train Explosions And Spills

AP | James Gerken | July 23, 2014 | Green
WASHINGTON (AP) — Responding to a series of fiery train crashes, the government proposed rules Wednesday that would phase out tens of thousands of older tank cars that carry increasing quantities of crude oil and other highly flammable liquids through America's towns and cities. But many details were put off...

English Bulldog Puppies Have Passionate Makeout Session, Put The French To Shame

The Huffington Post | Melissa McGlensey | July 23, 2014 | Good News
These English bulldog puppies are naturals when it comes to the art of romance. While most of us spent time as teens French kissing our hands or practicing on a pillow, these two little fur balls seem to have been born with a talent for smooching. Check out...

Scientists Urge For Funds To Prevent Coastal Disasters, Not Just Recover From Them

Jonathan Feldman | July 23, 2014 | Green
July 23 (Reuters) - A group of top scientists has called for a fundamental change to how the United States deals with risks to its Atlantic and Gulf coasts from storms and climate change in a National Research Council report released Wednesday. Urging a "national vision" toward addressing coastal risks,...

Elephants' Superior Sense Of Smell Beats Out Other Mammals In Surprising New Study

Macrina Cooper-White | July 23, 2014 | Science
Elephants are known for their impressively long trunks, but perhaps less well known is the large number of genes that code for their sense smell. In a study of 13 mammals, African elephants were found to be superior sniffers, possessing the largest number of genes associated with smell...

Fire Extinguished At Williston, North Dakota Oil Supply Plant

James Gerken | July 23, 2014 | Green
WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) — Air quality tests at the site of an industrial fire in Williston showed levels "that would not raise concern," North Dakota Department of Health Air Quality Division director Terry O'Clair said Wednesday. The Environmental Protection Agency and the state agency conducted tests Tuesday night at Red...

This Genius Machine Feeds Stray Dogs In Exchange For Recycled Bottles

Kimberly Yam | July 23, 2014 | Good News
One innovative company has created a vending machine that's dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends. The Turkish company Pugedon recently introduced a vending machine in Istanbul that releases food and water for the city's stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic...

Arturo, 'World's Saddest Bear,' Won't Be Moved, Argentine Zoo Says

Nick Visser | July 23, 2014 | Green
Arturo, the only polar bear in Argentina, living in captivity at a zoo in Mendoza, 650 miles west of Buenos Aires, is pictured at his enclosure on Feb. 5, 2014. Specialists and activists are lobbying to transfer old Arturo to a zoo in Canada to...
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