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Bear Rescued From Tree With Bouncy House (VIDEO)

David Moye | July 1, 2012 | Weird News
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — When a black bear climbed a tree in a central Arkansas city and refused to come down, authorities turned to unconventional rescue tools: bouncy houses. Foster the Bear – named for the residential street where he holed up in a tree – wouldn't budge from his...

Whitehorse Bison Bones Found In Couple's Basement

Christian Cotroneo | July 1, 2012 | Canada
WHITEHORSE - The remains of what is believed to be a prehistoric bison have been unearthed while a couple dug up their basement in suburban Whitehorse.Craig Duncan and Sandy Murphy were digging to lay a power line last Wednesday when they discovered a near-complete bison skeleton.“We were down about three...

Taseko Mines: First Nations Input On Prosperity Mine Should Be Limited

Daniel Tencer | December 10, 2012 | Canada Business
WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. - The original federal environment review for the Prosperity Mine in British Columbia was unfair because it involved native prayer ceremonies and a children's play, according to a complaint from the head of Taseko Mines Ltd. (TSX:TKO)In a letter to Environment Minister Peter Kent, Russell Hallbauer said...

Palouse Wind Farm To Be Built By First Wind

Jessica Leader | July 1, 2012 | Green
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A major wind power farm will be built in the Palouse this summer, Boston-based First Wind announced Tuesday. The company will build 58 giant windmills between the town of Oakesdale, Wash. and US 195. Each can produce 1.8 megawatts of electricity, for a total of 105...

Asthma Capitals: Ranking Reveals 10 Worst Cities For Asthma-Sufferers

Amanda L. Chan | May 2, 2012 | Healthy Living
For people with asthma, some cities are harder to live in than others. A new ranking from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America shows just which cities are the worst for people who have asthma, taking into account issues like pollen counts, ozone days and air quality,...

FirstEnergy Lawsuit: West Virginia Company Settles In Clean Water Act Case

Jessica Leader | July 1, 2012 | Green
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — FirstEnergy Corp. and environmentalists have agreed to settle a lawsuit over alleged arsenic pollution from a coal-ash dump at the Albright power plant in West Virginia's Preston County. In a joint filing in U.S. District Court in Clarksburg, the parties asked Judge Irene Keeley to suspend...

Wind Farms, Global Warming Connection Lukewarm At Best

Jessica Leader | May 1, 2012 | Green
A study released yesterday by researchers finds that large wind farms may impact local temperatures, noting a night warming effect in certain areas in Texas caused by “the turbulence in turbine wakes acting like fans to pull down warmer near surface air from higher altitudes at night.” 

Clean Energy At Airports Could Find Space Around Runways, Study Says

Jessica Leader | May 1, 2012 | Green
From EarthTechling's Beth Buczynski: A new report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that bustling airports could serve a vital new function, doubling as alternative energy factories. The study findings, recently published in an Environmental Management article titled “Airports Offer Unrealized Potential for Alternative Energy Production [

Climate Change And Sustained Economic Growth Link Observed In New Study

James Gerken | May 1, 2012 | Green
Will sustained global economic growth intensify the effects of climate change? A new study from the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research suggests that a transformation of the world's economies or a limit to economic growth may be needed to curb the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.

Tsunami Motorcycle Owner Located In Japan

Ron Nurwisah | July 1, 2012 | Canada
The Japanese owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was washed out to sea in the tsunami of March 2011 says its discovery on a remote beach on the West Coast of B.C. last week is a miracle. The owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, a 29-year-old resident of the town...

Uggie 'The Artist' Dog PETA Ad: Campaign To Adopt A Pet (PHOTO)

Jessica Leader | May 1, 2012 | Green
Your adopted pet may not win an award at Cannes Film Festival or publish his own autobiography ... but it's not entirely impossible. In a new ad campaign for PETA, Uggie The Dog, best known for his recent role in The Artist, poses with...

2011 Blackout In San Diego, Parts Of Arizona & Baja California Blamed On 'Inadequate Planning'

Anna Almendrala | July 1, 2012 | Los Angeles
SAN DIEGO — Federal energy regulators on Tuesday blamed inadequate planning and lack of grid coordination for a massive blackout last year that started with the loss of a single transmission line at an Arizona substation and quickly affected millions of people in Southern California and Mexico's Baja California. The...

Baja California Earthquake 2012: Buildings Sway In Mexico City

Tara Kelly | July 1, 2012 | World
MEXICO CITY — A series of earthquakes hit three regions of Mexico on Tuesday, swaying buildings in Mexico City but bringing no reports of damage. The strongest quake hit off the state of Chiapas at 5:43 p.m. with an initial magnitude of 6.3, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Florida Everglades Python Invasion: Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Used To Curb Snake Presence In National Park

Hilary Hanson | July 1, 2012 | Weird News
By Barbara Liston ORLANDO (Reuters) - Some bomb-sniffing dogs trained to help fight terrorism are turning their olfactory attention toward a different scourge: Burmese pythons in Florida's Everglades National Park. The dogs are members of "EcoDogs," a three-year-old collaboration at Alabama's Auburn University between the science departments and the school's...

Canadian, Texas Gas Plant Explosion: No Injuries Reported

James Gerken | July 1, 2012 | Green
CANADIAN, Texas (AP) — An energy company is working to reroute natural gas for processing after a fiery explosion closed one of its nine Texas Panhandle units. Todd Johnson with Houston-based Eagle Rock Energy Partners L.P. had no estimate Tuesday on when the Phoenix-Arrington Ranch plant near Canadian would reopen....

30,000 Bees Stuck In Victoria Clayton's Attic (PHOTOS)

David Moye | May 1, 2012 | Weird News
Victoria Clayton had a honey of a problem recently: 30,000 bees in the attic of her home in Cape May, N.J. When Clayton, who lives in the 19th century home with her boyfriend, Richard White, decided to do a sting operation of sorts after they noticed an unusually large number...

Erin Brockovich Talks 'Last Call At The Oasis' And Water Contamination Issues (PHOTOS)

Joanna Zelman | May 1, 2012 | Green
Environmental activist Erin Brockovich recently held a roundtable discussion at The Huffington Post's offices to address water contamination challenges, the upcoming documentary "Last Call At The Oasis," and her newest endeavor to combat health concerns around the world. "Last Call At The Oasis" focuses on the...

Regan Kerr, Colorado Teen, Makes Soda Tab Prom Dress (VIDEO)

Ileana Llorens | May 1, 2012 | Teen
Five months and 5,114 soda can tabs later, Regan Kerr finally has her prom dress. Despite having never made a dress before, the Colorado teen took a needle and thread to her collection of soda tabs to create a gown to wear to her high school dance on...

'Swamp People' Car Crash: Tommy Chauvin, Joe LaFont Unhurt In 5-Car Pileup

Alex Moaba | May 1, 2012 | TV
DODDRIDGE, Ark. — Two stars of the reality TV show "Swamp People" are unhurt after being involved in a five-car pileup near the Arkansas-Louisiana state line. The Texarkana Gazette reports that Tommy Chauvin and Joe LaFont, known as "Trigger Tommy" and "Trapper Joe" on the show, were the...

Iceland Volcano Tours: 3H Travel Leads Visitors Into Volcano (PHOTOS)

Kate Auletta | May 1, 2012 | Travel
In spite of Iceland's recent history with eruptions (Remember Eyjafjallajokull and even Grimsvotn?) adventure company 3H Travel has decided it's high time to lead expeditions into the country's volcanoes. The company, lead by mountaineers, will start leading tours into the Thrihnukagigur volcano, located...
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