08/09/2011 06:00 pm ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Charlie's Angels: Seven Charlie Voices to Consider

Now that Robert Wagner is out as the voice of Charlie on ABC's much-anticipated Angels reboot this fall starring Rachael Taylor (Abby), Minka Kelly (Eve) and Annie Honzeh (Kate), all eyes--make that ears--are on who will mouth the iconic boss.

"But I think what we're looking for in the voice of Charlie is someone [with] a paternal nature to it," notes executive producer/writer Al Gough. "Someone who brings a certain amount of authority and mystery, because what we've also tried to do in this reboot is to make the mythology of Charlie more interesting."

That said, take note of a few Chucks that might fit the bill:

James Garner
Street Creds: Rockford Files.
Why It Would Work: Distinctly original voice. Embraceable. One of TV's iconic leading men. Could provide just enough aloof mystery to fuel another go-around.

Tom Selleck
Street Creds: Magnum P.I., Friends, Three Men and a Baby, Blue Bloods.
Why It Would Work: Selleck boasts mondo machismo and his voice has that calm, "experienced" element to it.

William Devane
Street Creds: Knots Landing,
Why It Would Work: Devane often morphs into characters that drip with class. He played Robert F. Kennedy off-Broadway and turned heads as JFK in a popular TV movie. So, yes ... the man has an air of Camelot-like sophistication and sass that could definitely work here.

John O'Hurley
Street Creds: Seinfeld, General Hospital
Why It Would Work: He's already lent his voice to numerous projects both animated and live. His distinctly original voice stands out, even when he's going over the top -- which he often does. But roped in, O'Hurley could be a winner.

Julian McMahon
Street Creds: Nip/Tuck, Fantastic Four
Why It Would Work: McMahon is a sexy, sensual beast. He fueled Nip/Tuck with some of its most provocative scenes. Handled just right creatively, McMahon could infuse just the right amount of classy charm and second-chakra synergy. Added bonus: He looks good in manly bikini briefs -- although it really wouldn't be his southern hemisphere we'd be seeing. (Or would it -- how much extra would he get for that?)

Don Johnson
Street Creds: Miami Vice, Nash Bridges
Why It Would Work: Would it? It could. Johnson's legacy is still floating around in the pop culture river and he's got enough spunk to pull of all the right intonations.

James Earl Jones
Street Creds: Please.
Why It Would Work: How could it not?

Added bonus: No. 8

Kate Jackson
Street Creds: Already an Angels alum. Plus: Dark Shadows, The Rookies, The Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Why It Would Work: This is a reboot, sure, but I see nothing wrong with a mild connection to the original '70s show. Jackson is revered. Beyond that, she boasts one of the more fascinating, original female voices in her acting generation. It would be criminal not to even consider it.

Thoughts? Take a peek at the slideshow below:

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