Make Reservations, Not War: 7 Hot Spots Out West You Have To Experience (PHOTOS)

08/30/2010 07:13 pm ET | Updated Apr 15, 2013

Twitter may have you hooked, and you can't really seem to unplug from Facebook either. Then, there's life as you know it -- work, family, friends, love, money, food. Not so easy to balance. At least not all of the time, anyway. It was where I found myself last year, when I crawled into bed with Overload. Not a happy affair -- I suddenly found myself emotionally crawling toward to the Exit Sign for 2009. Still, I knew one thing: I had to refill the well. But how? I live in Northern California. Isn't everything a Kumbaya moment?

Not quite.

So, I forced myself to go on a road trip and begin exploring some of America -- well, its western side at least. Once I got moving, I later used a good chunk of 2010 to visit a number of truly unique travel destinations. The list below comprises my top picks. Take a look. Then indulge yourself.

7 Hot Spots Out West