Martha Stewart Moves Into A New Era (VIDEOS)

02/17/2011 05:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Something tells me that when Martha Stewart burst onto the scene a few decades ago -- only to watch her celebrity soar as a modern-day Happy Homemaker -- she may not have ever imagined she'd be thrust into the high-tech hi-jinks of 2011.

Facebook -- really? Twitter? You've got to be kidding.

But here Stewart is, now seemingly thriving with all our modern-day goodies -- last time I checked, she had nearly $2.1 million Twitter followers. Even her relatively new day job (on the Hallmark Channel), The Martha Stewart Show, the woman who loves to bake and craft and chat, and more, manages to stay relevant -- OK, I seem to have officially turned into a Marthaphile, but I have to admit that when I tune into the show, lately, it's been a pleasant surprise. Stewart can be "hip" in playful banter with SNL's Andy Samberg -- while making baked Alaska no less -- and keep a political conversation with Whoopi Goldberg (on the TSA pat downs) under control... only to craft with the Oscar-winner afterward.

Luring "Five Fatherhood Tips" out of the likes of Snoop Dog? Priceless.


David E. Steele/The Martha Stewart Show.

"We try to treat guests equally," Stewart told me in a recent interview about her knack for resonating with guests. Although she may have some help in that arena. She notes that her guests "are treated to delicious little snacks when they arrive and we do everything to make everybody feel comfortable and happy."

It's true -- hospitality isn't just "business," it really is her way of life.

"It is my way," she shot back when I mentioned it. "I'm real curious. And I think people are curious. I think people really need guidance; they need help and ferreting through all the information we have out there. We're on information overload. But our audience is very intelligent and we try to teach them lots and lots of good things every day."

Read my full interview with the Maven of Good Living here. In the meantime, I've located five fun Martha moments. Tell me yours.

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