Five People Who Need to Be Back on Television Right Now

10/24/2011 08:21 pm ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011
  • Greg Archer Author, Journalist, Humorist, Cultural Moderator, More ...

Face it: The future has arrived and in the entertainment world, it looks a lot like the past -- sans the happy take-away vibe. In one corner: TV's Charlie's Angels. (Note to Drew Barrymore: Love you, but next time, pull in better writers.) In another: the Footloose reboot, which, critically, didn't hear for the boy.

True, for decades, what's old becomes new again. But does it really have to? Is Hollywood so lacking in creativity that is has to reinvent every cool hit of the last 30 years? Apparently. Fortunately, CBS' Hawaii Five-0 is worthy of our attention, but it's a rare bird compared to The Bionic Woman and Knight Riders that came before it. I don't mind reboots, but at least, be inventive enough to make the updated versions captivating for 21st century viewing.

So, before Starsky & Hutch, Magnum P.I. and Fantasy Island are greenlit -- although... done right, a latter-day, more mature Fantasy Island could be a kick and yes, if you're a Hollywood exec who's reading this, I'd be happy to come aboard -- maybe it's best to take a look at a small posse of former TV personalities who really should be back on television:

Five Stars Who Should Be Back on Television Right Now