06/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If Twitter Was Invented in 1989

mrswillis / Demi Moore Me and Bruce are thinking movie tonight. Maybe Look Who's Talking. Again lol.

algore / Al Gore I received another one of those Koosh Balls in the mail... Probably from Dukakis.

espn / ESPN Sports News
SuperBowl Update: 49ers down 16-13 w 3:10 left on own 8 yrd line. Montana looks tired... Bengals sitting pretty.

chriscornell / Chris Cornell Soundgarden had great set last night in Olympia. Only love is rock n' roll, man. Too much R&B shit out there.

IamCoreyFeldman / Corey Feldman Be sure to check out my new movie The Burbs with Tom Hanks this weekend. No stopping me now!

wilw / Wil Wheaton Taking break from shooting Next Generation scene with my NEW Game Boy. Tetris is totally BAD!

MTV_Music / I Want My MTV New Beastie's album Paul's Boutique drops this week... not that good and weird. Let down: No fighting for their right to party.

SenJohnMcCain / John McCain Just repaid Keating for the jet rides. Hopefully we can all move on from this.

CBSNews / CBS Breaking News Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman have invented something called "cold fusion" at U of Utah.

50Cent/ 50 Cent its hard dealin 2 u crackheads. Prolly get shot someday.

johncmayer / John Mayer Feeling unattractive/lonely, watching new cartoon 'Simpsons' show, then later maybe Arsenio. Maybe finally practice guitar.

diablocody/ Diablo Cody Wonders what it would be like to perform at amateur night at Skyway Lounge. Slippery slope?

Oprah / Oprah Winfrey Good morning tweeters. Woke up smiling... whole cast of Ghostbusters 2 is live on Friday with us.

SenArlenSpecter / Arlen Specter Batman this weekend or Indiana Jones & Last Crusade? I can never decide.