11/16/2005 01:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


it's wednesday, November 15, and i can't stop thinking about cock.

here are my favorites:

the cream legbar pullet rooster. delightful. (side fact: the hen lays a blue-green egg)

the belgium quail bantam

the ardenner bantam rooster - which has a very erect tail

australian gamefowl (your basic rooster but Australian)

the barrel plymouth rochs, a dual purpose breed. Great for children's backyard parties - their constant state of terror forces them to express affection!

buckeyed cockeral. this breed was admitted to the american standard of perfection in 1904, which i read on a website and is an interesting fact I think

the silver wheaten Ko Shamo Cock
I love this one because it has strong eyes under a prominent brow, like my uncle

The silver grey dorking rooster
What a heavy bird with a large square frame and a fifth toe!

Dandarawi Rooster
This egyptian can take heat stress up to 40 degrees celcius! THAT'S HOT, EVEN FOR A COCK!

Black Frizzles cochin bantam cock
This elegant rooster is a mutant breed, in that it's feathers grow outward!

black-tailed white japanese cock
A great bird, with very short, clean legs great for manicured lawns and small gardens. (note to fans: my mom has a small garden)

jitokko rooster
a rare breed - short legs, long tails -ancestors probably once cross bred with a satsumadori!

That's a lot of cock!
Talk to you later!
Your friend,