10/21/2005 10:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


The Huffpo ECHO CHAMBER Halloween Party is only ten days away!

Which means you need a costume that combines frightening flair with certified HUFFPO approved, supremely correct political messages! Don't make last year's mistake and come as a web intern for EMILY'S LIST. Or worse....a policy analyst for FAIR!



Big Chicken Little Costume (Adult Reg Size)
Endorsed by treefondler Laurie David: fight climate crisis in this bright yellow furry jumpsuit as you steer your toy hybrid car around the front lawn, making fuel efficiency THE top question of the evening! Demand that everyone start a no-idle rule in your school or church carpool lane, unplug their hairdryers, cell phone charges and sign up for renewable energy in this one-size fits most very affordable “the sky is falling” bird suit. Comes with mitts and feet. Batteries not included, for obvious reasons. (bonus: costume can also be used to raise awareness of the impending Bush-inspired bird flu pandemic.)

The Deepak Chopra Cape Wizard!
Rail against western medicine while pushing "enlightened" new age practices in this delightful wizard hat (black with gold), accentuated by a hooded cape with iridescent foil stamp moon and star pattern! Wave your Deluxe Wizard wand while barfing wet chunks of pseudo-science like, “The body is made up of atoms and subatomic particles that are moving at lightning speed around huge empty spaces and the body gives off fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void, so essentially your body is proportionately as void as intergalactic space, made out of nothing but the nothing is actually the source of information and energy!” Then follow with foreign policy recommendations. (Note: wait until people are drunk before you offer the two-for-one enrollments at the Chopra Center of your choice - with a coupon for a free anti-bacterial tongue scraper!)

The Dorothy Costume Apron Dress With Lace Ruffle and Bow Top Stockings (Adult X-Large)
Strive to be a resource for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals while wearing this delightful apron style dress and gigham bow stockings. Provide a safe, comforting private space in which issues of gender and sexuality may be freely discussed, in a LUSCIOUS White petticoat. Exaggerate the impact of the homophobic Christian right, without mentioning that there's no one more murderously homophobic than an Islamic Fundamentalist.

The Randall Robinson New Orleans Cannibal Butcher (Adult Regular Size)
New for 2005! Hold onto your head, arms & legs when the 'Butcher' is around - because everyone's favorite cannibal kook will look positively delicious in this costume, designed by our very own crazed Caribbean carnivore! Includes jagged edge apron, gloves, belt, mask, and cleaver. When Randall wears it: beware. (he won't be wearing anything underneath).

Nothing says ANIMAL ARE PEOPLE more than this delightful grey rat mascot costume! After all, a rat's life is no less valuable than a human's, especially if that human works for PETA! Inform trick-or-treaters that fuzzy little animals are capable of intense suffering - especially when you poke their cute little eyes out with big fat knitting needles - all while wearing this comfortable padded parade head, bow and dress with grey fur arms. Court dim-bulb celebs at cocktail parties by alerting them to the THIRTY-TWO cows found malnourished and dead in Thayer County, knowing you look snug-tastic in the grey fur pants, hand mitts and shoe covers!
Then, be true to rat form: shit in a corner and give everyone the plague.

Street Mime (approved by the People for the American Way)
Defend freedom of expression and religion in this oversized top, necktie with bat brooch and over-the-head character vinyl mask! Marvel at the costume's ability to hide your real agenda: which is to stifle any opinion that isn't your own. Pants, shoe covers and white gloves are machine washable, and perfect for promoting diversity, equal justice and community (unless of course, you're Christian)!

Big Buffoon Clown Costume (Adult Reg Size)
Bureacracy need not be boring! Come as the Kennedy clown, involve yourself in grants and fiscal management, write progress reports, talk about public outreach, and the importance of human resources in this delightful one-piece hooped clown suit. Deliver impassioned, results-oriented speeches about stuff that never works - all while waving your colorful plastic siphon used to suck off government funds. Shoes lost on walk home from the bar.

Lots and Lots of STRIPES!! Sidestep scandal in a costume that includes: B&W Striped bib overall-look jumpsuit with shirt attached, matching bow tie, velvet gloves and hat. One size fits ONLY Al Franken.

THE REBECCA PIDGEON naughty nurse costume! (ALL SIZES)
The world is sick, AND you are the sexy erotic nurse that will make it better! DID WE SAY NURSE? WE MEANT a non-partisan advocate for change in a white satin one piece with red fridge with sexy small hat! This item ships from California. (We are sorry, but there are NO RETURNS on this item because it is an Undergarment.) COMES WITH FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD - AN IDEAL EMETIC IF CHILD SWALLOWS ANYTHING TOXIC.

THE ARI EMMANUEL “SIGNED” Big Daddy red velvet PIMP Costume
Whore yourself out to the left as you drop plops of echo-chamber excrement in this full cut shirt with leopard print trimmed collar, easy wear pants and, of course, a matching hat. Pimp your friend's alcoholism for a clumsy joke about Bush being a “shirkaholic!” in this machine washable, reverse velour cape! (Fits the tiniest man. )

The Arianna black and red can can costume
A velvet/lace tie-back dress with draped front and arm cuffs. Nylon fishnet pantyhose, headpiece included. Wear it as you shimmy to the left…then back to the right…then back to the left!

See you at the party! (i'll be dressed as Norman Mailer: completely naked except for an opened bathrobe).