05/09/2006 11:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sick Jokes for People Pretending to be Sick

"--Some people get sick because they expect to.
--Disease brings certain benefits, known as "secondary gain," that make it positive... such as not having to take responsibility for their lives or finding an escape from a situation they can't cope with.
--Some people get sick because they want to give up, or even die.
--Some people have nothing better to do than to get sick."

..........Deepak Chopra, May 9 2006, the Huffington Post

This reminds me of three funny jokes I'd like to share with all of you.
A beautiful woman walks into Dr. Chopra's office, and tells him that she has been having persistent pain in the glands in her neck. Chopra tells her to take off her dress and then her undergarments. "But why should I do this doctor?" Chopra smiles and said, "Well, some people have nothing better to do than to get sick. So I thought I'd check out your tits."

A woman visits Dr. Chopra with a migraine. He asks her to strip and do a handstand, which she does. He then rests his chin between her legs and stares in the mirror. "What are you doing?" asks the woman. "Well, your migraine is a classic example of someone trying to escape a situation they cannot cope with. And I always wanted to see what I looked like with a goatee."
Dr. Chopra's wife does not feel well, and calls her husband. "I don't feel well, honey," she says. He smiles, and replies, "I'll tell you what I tell those idiots at the Huffington Post. It's all in your head, since some people make themselves sick to get more love and attention." She hangs up on him. A few hours later the good doctor calls home, and it takes many rings before the phone is answered. "What took you so long?" he asks. ""I was getting a second opinion," she says, before hanging up and resuming passionate sex with a doctor who actually practices medicine.

That's all for now.
Glad to be back everyone.
(I missed you all!)