08/28/2013 06:26 pm ET Updated Oct 28, 2013

12 Signs You're Becoming a New Yorker


1. When you have had the pleasure of riding in a subway car without air conditioning. At first you are miserable, then you get some sort of sick enjoyment watching new passengers board the train and express their mutual discomfort.

2. Road rage < Sidewalk rage.

3. When you have no interest in waiting in line for a Cronut, and probably didn't know what a Cronut was until a friend from out of town told you about them.

4. Even while having no interest in trying a Cronut, should someone bring them to your office, you will brag to all of your friends about having tried one.

5. When you know which hotels/stores/restaurants have the best public restrooms when you need them most.

6. When you have gotten into a verbal (or possibly physical) altercation with Time Warner Cable.

7. When you have realized the beauty and ease of the public bus.

8. When you have friends in five boroughs (or well "know" people from all five boroughs)

9. When you've seen neighborhoods go from being places you simply didn't go, to "block by block," to trendy destination neighborhoods.

10. When you've waited 20-plus minutes for the G train. (So basically if you have ever ridden on the G train...)

11. When you belong to an over-priced gym that you drastically under use.

12. When you know the difference between the north shore of Long Island and the south shore of Long Island.