07/21/2010 10:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Banned Abortion Episode of Family Guy Coming on DVD: See Excerpt Here!

Remember that flap over a Family Guy episode last year deemed too hot for Fox (and, allegedly, viewers) to handle -- and ordered off the air? It was recently shown in the UK and now it has emerged that it will be released on DVD this September.

The title: "Partial Terms of Endearment." It will arrive with a BANNED FROM TV banner on its case. Naturally, it's distributed by Fox's video arm--so they not only manage to keep it off TV but make a few bucks off it, too!

The New York Times calls it "an episode in which a central character finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy and contemplates an abortion, a subject that is frankly discussed -- and flagrantly satirized -- by the cartoon's cast." What happens is: Lois decides to become a surrogate mother but then there's a car crash and .....

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, called Fox's decision unfortunate -- after it gave him a green light to produce the episode -- and "probably based on people's current ability to handle and dissect controversial narratives."

He added: "People in America, they're getting dumber. They're getting less and less able to analyze something and think critically, and pick apart the underlying elements. And more and more ready to make a snap judgment regarding something at face value, which is too bad."

Of course, Family Guy has sometimes gone a little too far, even for "liberal" sensibilities, so you may not rush out to buy or view the DVD. With that in mind, I thought I'd present an excerpt below, with a link here to even more from it at YouTube, and encourage you to comment below, pro or con.

Greg Mitchell, former editor of Editor & Publisher and author of nine books, now writes the Media Fix blog at The Nation. Follow him on Twitter @GregMitch.