03/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mission Accomplished: National Poll Reports Obama Speech Provoked "Inspiration" Across the Board

It was a hit pretty much across the board, except perhaps for the many GOP dead-enders in Congress (you know who you/they are). We are referring, of course, to last night's State of the Unionish speech by President Obama to Congress. Polls have revealed an uptick in Obama's approval ratings but one national independent survey focuses on an even more important reaction.

The national study among 1,600 Democrats, Republicans and Independents revealed that "inspiration" was the emotion felt most among viewers, including better than 1 in 4 Republicans. In fact, the poll results are headed: "President Obama's Speech to Congress Elicits Feelings of Inspiration among All Political Parties."

After the speech, Obama's approval ratings significantly increased among all parties, as well as his likability, believability and sincerity ratings, according to the pollsters, HCD Research.

Respondents were asked to choose from a list of emotions to indicate those that best reflected their feelings while viewing the speech. Democrats reported feeling inspiration (59%) and pride (21%) with Independents also naming inspiration (54%) with only 26% choosing skepticism. GOPers reported skepticism (47%) but also inspiration (29%).

Across the board, members of both parties and Indies had a more favorable view of Obama's handling of various issues, including the economy. On nearly every issue, the Republicans had given him "poor" ratings before the speech, which now shot up to at least "fair."

Before the speech, Obama's overall approval rating was 80% for Democrats, 22% for Republicans and 51% for Independents. After, they climbed sharply to 88%, 33% and 67%. This is confirmed by other survey.

So maybe the public, if the GOPers in Congress, are willing to shed partisan politics in this time of crisis -- sort of like post-9/11.

Greg Mitchell's new book, his ninth, is "Why Obama Won." He is editor of Editor & Publisher.