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The Decemberists to Release 'Amorous' Song About Valerie Plame--Here is Video

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The popular Portland rock group The Decemberists is about to come out with an "amorous" song titled "Valerie Plame."

Plame, of course, is the former CIA operative outed by Robert Novak and Bush adminstration officials, but she is already married, to Joe Wilson.

A press release from EMI music for the band today reveals that the Plame tune will appear as a digital/vinyl single on October 14th and the band will sing it on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on November 3rd, on the eve of the presidential election. The group performed at the giant Obama rally in Portland this spring.

The release says that it is "written from the point-of-view of one of Plame's inside contacts upon discovering her true identity, the song is an amorous tribute to the onetime CIA operative."

Here are some of the lyrics, based on a YouTube video:

Oh Valerie Plame
If that really is your name
I would just shout the same
To the world

Dear Valerie Plame
So they made a wreck of you
But give me the rest of you
And I'll give the world...

So I took you into my confidence
Without a thought of consequence
To my heart or to my mind

La da da de da
la de da da
la de da da da da dada da

Oh Valerie Plame
If that really is your name
I would just shout the same
From up high

The group's song "Sixteen Military Wives" gained wide airplay and video play. They once "shredded" with Stephen Colbert.

Two other singles will follow soon after. Fans who pre-order all three singles through the band's website will receive a limited edition version on colored vinyl.

Here's the group's Colin Meloy doing an acoustic version:

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