10/10/2006 07:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Joementum's Blog Hackery

By "hack" in the title of this post, I don't mean to imply the standard political usage (eg. "The conservative bias at Fox News makes it clear that the network is run by political hacks"), although that's definitely part of it. When I say "hack" in regards to Joe Lieberman's campaign blog, I mean it more in the stand-up comedy usage of the term (eg. "Larry the Cable Guy's exhortation for his audience to 'Git-R-Done' is the work of an unfunny hack"). But using either definition, this post from the "Blog of Joe" is definite hackery (via FDL) :

If you have not had a chance to check out Ned's new ad, please do (Quicktime). It's a scream.

Howard Dean would be proud.

I know the Liberman campaign is having a hard time finding supporters in the blogosphere, but...really? A Howard Dean screaming joke? Dude, that happened two and a half years ago. Even Gipper the Talking Points Duck has beaten that joke to death. Politics aside, somebody needs to pull Joe's astroturf crew aside and tell them that they really suck at this whole "blogging" thing.

The only thing more offensive than watching Joe's campaign staff make cheap shots at the party he claims to support is their groan-inducing lack of humor. Their comic timing is just as bad as Joe's political judgement. What's next? Jokes about how much Ted Kennedy likes to drink or Bill Clinton loves the ladies? No wonder people keep confusing Lieberman with Republicans. Both are reliant on the same trite, hackneyed jokes.

How can the voters of Connecticut expect Joe Lieberman to represent them effectively when he can't even do something as simple as making fun of a Democrat?

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