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7 More of the Most Annoying Wine Words

Posted: 11/12/10 01:07 PM ET

Okay, so you guys got into the spirit with the first "Annoying Wine Words," and even called me out for my use of some of those wine words! I admit it, I am guilty as charged. After my last treatise, Snooth member Mlandry burned me for my use of "creamy."

I can break out the science texts and defend myself, or just go with it. So, today I'm gonna do a bit of navel-gazing and regale you with 7 annoying wine words that I abuse -- er, use. And folks, let me just add one thing: if this isn't fun, don't do it. I always say that about wine (whether it's drinking wine, talking wine, making fun of annoying wine words, or sharing wine) -- it's got to be fun, and if it ain't, move on. Nothing to see here anyway, except for 7 more annoying wine words.

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This wine is round, you say? Actually, it's sort of whatever the shape of the vessel it's in. Wine is a liquid, after all, so it assumes the shape of its glass or bottle. It's a law of physics (number 3 or 4, I think).

Yeah, I know that you mean "it fills the mouth in a soft, seamless way," so why don't you just write that? Well, primarily because that's more characters and I'm lazy, and it gets boring to write the same thing for every wine, for both me and the reader -- so I'm just looking out for your best interests!
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