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More of Your Wine Questions Answered

Posted: 02/28/11 01:18 PM ET

So, here we are back again with a few more common questions about wine. We all have them -- these came from a dear friend -- but sometimes we're just a bit too intimidated to ask. I mean, who is going to risk the ridicule of one's sommelier or local wine expert?

Now, before you roll your eyes -- OK, maybe too late -- there are plenty of great wine folks out there who are smart, patient and willing to repeat some advice for the umpteenth time, but the sad truth is there are at least as many pretentious boors who seem to live to embarrass the hapless wine neophyte.

Never fear, you've got questions and I've got answers. And next time you meet one of those pretentious boors, remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!

Does wine taste different depending on the glass it's served in?
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This one is a bit tricky, but here goes. Yes, and no. Some wines are really very simple and your experience with them will vary little no matter what glass you drink it from.

Other wines can have certain elements that can be highlighted, or minimized, depending on the style of glassware. For example, a wine with high alcohol will often show better from a glass that is wide and generously sized. This allows the alcohol that evaporates from the surface of the wine to dissipate a bit before hitting your nose, and as we know, we really do taste mostly with our noses.
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We've tackled a bunch of questions, but there's always more - ask away in the comments...

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