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The 7 Steps to Wine Geekdom

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By Gregory Dal Piaz

2012-06-25-winesnob1.jpgWe all have to start somewhere. Many of us start where it's most easy, and that usually means sweet! There's nothing wrong with starting on White Zin and inexpensive German wines. They all serve a purpose as gateway wines!

Each person's path of wine discovery is a unique and distinctive journey, but many people have been down this road and some tend to follow well-trodden ways. That's not to say that this is the main path one must take in order to achieve wine-geek status, but it comes up fairly frequently when the topic comes up.

What was your path of discovery, or what stage are you at now? Find out, and join the discussion!

Photo courtesy of jemsweb via Flickr/CC

7 Steps to Being a Wine Geek
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