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The Most Annoying Wine Words

Posted: 10/29/10 03:08 PM ET

Wine can be a pretty stuffy topic. Historically, it's been dominated by old men tasting wine in wood-panelled libraries, speaking with a little Locust Valley lockjaw (if you know what I mean, Lovey).

The fact that the people responsible for tasting wine, and writing reviews seem intent on confusing their audience continues to amaze me! I mean, let's call 'em like we see them, and stop using the most annoying words in wine writing!

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As defined by its main abuser, Robert Parker: "Rich, lush, intense wines with layers of concentrated, soft, velvety fruit are said to be unctuous." Look, I know I'm an outlier, but unctuous means smooth and greasy, and if we're using it as an adjective to describe a person it only gets worse: "Excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily!" Maybe that is what Parker means after all, but do me a favor and keep your smooth, greasy wines away from me.
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