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The Scoop on Wine Ice Cream

Posted: 07/06/11 11:01 AM ET

It's no surprise that we gravitate towards cool, crisp whites and chilled rosés during these warm summer months. Easy to drink and easy to enjoy, a wine's quaffable nature is precisely what we're after!

But as much as we enjoy a chilled glass (preferably al fresco) on its own, it's great to know there are other ways to delight in a wine's refreshment. In this case, in scoop form! Well, it makes a lot of sense, combining our favorite summer sippers with our favorite summer dessert. Whether it's ice cream, sorbet or granita, we've got you covered. Check out the variety in this list and give yourself a reason to dust off that ice cream maker. After all, July is officially declared National Ice Cream Month!

Ciao Bella Sorbet
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Let’s start with what you can find in the market. It seems more and more companies are bringing their products to the fore. Ciao Bella, a popular gelato company that began in New York’s Little Italy, offers up a full collection of tasty gelato and sorbet, now available at major retailers across the country. The Blackberry Cab Sorbetto is a naturally fat free, “full-bodied” indulgence that’s easy to keep on hand for a last minute dessert!

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