08/06/2013 01:30 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

Political Correctness as Taught by Abraham Lincoln

Does anyone believe that Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address was unconstitutional? Of course not.

Surely, it was a much different speech from his first inauguration. The Civil War had already taken its toll on the government, the country, the people and the Union itself. It was a dark time in our history. Mr. Lincoln, the acknowledged giant of our heritage, the man who had the strength to face evil in the eye and save our nation, stood there on the East Portico, and called upon the name of God, the Almighty, and the Lord more than 13 times. He even quoted scripture verses twice to give his words a powerful context.

Could that same speech be given today? Probably not. Especially not by a sitting President. And there in folks, lies the root of many of your problems.

We have forgotten our roots. We have dismissed the "In God We Trust" motto that we so loved for the last two hundred and thirty plus years. The signers of the Constitution were mindful of the place of religion and spirituality in the framework of government.
It was not to be permitted to favor one over another, yet was meant to be the guiding light within each and every person empowered to make the weighty decisions that faced the nation. That is why there are swearings and oaths taken by our elected officials even unto today.... "so help me God." No where was separation of Church and State ever intended, directly or indirectly, to be a mechanism for a Godless society. The founders, to a man, were faith-filled and solidly so.

The perpetual bell clanging of certain elements who would like nothing better than to eradicate the Godliness of the population is taking a toll more serious than what Lincoln faced when he was sworn in for his second term. He was faced with the monumental task of healing a nation that had been torn apart. Modern challenges are more about tearing down or lessening the Judeo-Christian foundations of the greatest democracy on the face of this earth. If there is any doubt that the constant diatribe of political correctness is exacting a price, just look at our position in the world. Our stature has deteriorated more in the last several years than it has in all of our history. That is because we have lost sight of who we are. Our hesitance to stand up to the truths we hold dear is turning our spines to jelly. How can we gain the respect of the world without having that very same respect for our founding principles.

We are damaging the bricks that hold up the whole structure of our country. Slowly at first, removing school prayer and lately the harassment of the life-long greetings of "Merry Christmas", and nativity scenes in general. Then layered on top of that the protesting of the displays of crosses and Jewish stars in public places or any affirmation of faith whatsoever. Such a mindset requires that one be blind to the fact that those displays on our buildings have been there since the birth of the nation and that faith played a formative role in the creation thereof. Shall we just chisel the stone and remove the words and images the same way the ancient Egyptians did to eradicate the memory of a disfavored pharaoh? Shall we eradicate the principles on which this democracy has survived for so long?

In terms of history we are but toddlers. It is history that should teach us the errors of the sea change of our society. We have managed wars, civil and otherwise and come out stronger because we are a nation under God. Did not Rome fall after their society became corrupt and perverted?

President Lincoln was well aware of his role in fighting to preserve the United States of America and not once did he forget that he needed God to help him. We should take that to heart America. May God help us.

Follow this link to a reenactment of Lincoln's Second Inaugural address.