04/03/2013 12:14 pm ET | Updated Jun 03, 2013

Design Stories: Sherpaa + Fanghor


Most of the swag that surfaced at South by Southwest was kiddie fare - stickers, light-up rings, and slap bracelets. But there was one rather adult standout - a set of promotional condoms with some seriously funny messaging (above).

They were the eye-catching product of a collaboration between health benefits company Sherpaa and creative studio Fangohr. "I read about the Olympic Village handing out something like 90,000 condoms," Jay Parkinson, the co-founder of Sherpaa, told us, "and I thought we should do that for South by Southwest."

Sherpaa provides affordable, 24/7 access to a team of doctors who will field health concerns, refill prescriptions, and answer insurance questions - all by phone or email. The company counts Tumblr, General Assembly, and Grady's Cold Brew among its 30+ clients.

They've been working with Fangohr from their inception in January 2012. "The hardest part was communicating this new experience to patients," Parkinson said. "Working with Florian [Fangohr] has allowed us to hone the messaging in a very collaborative way."

You can check out the full Sherpaa design story here.

And if you're interested in bringing Sherpaa to your business - the service runs $50/month, per employee - find out more here.

Now go forth (and be safe).

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