12/11/2012 02:43 pm ET Updated Feb 10, 2013

Does Your Dive Bar Run Kickstarter Campaigns?

A Red Hook establishment gets new-fangled

History is filled with odd combinations - the man-horse pairing known as the centaur comes to mind, as does the chocolate-peanut butter coupling called Reese's. When old-school establishments meet new-world tech the results can be equally successful.

Sunny's Bar in Red Hook is as lo-fi as it gets. Owner Sunny Balzano's great-grandfather opened the Red Hook establishment in 1890, catering to longshoreman and seamen. Since then the bar has become a Brooklyn legend, populated by artists, musicians, and neighborhood characters, and the subject of adulatory profiles from The New York Times and Anthony Bourdain on The Travel Channel. Aside from its recent brushes with fame, however, the weathered oak interior is not much changed since the 19th century.

But like much of Red Hook, Hurricane Sandy hit Sunny's hard. Water rose two feet through the bar, destroying electrical wiring and refrigeration, buckling the floors, and ruining musical instruments and sound equipment. Power returned to the building less than a month ago.

So the Balzano family embraced a decidedly new-fangled technology to raise funds for repair - Kickstarter. With ten days to go, the campaign has already raised $6000 more than its original $20,000 goal, but more help is always welcome.

You can donate to Sunny's Kickstarter campaign here. The pledge rewards are pretty nifty too.

Now go forth (and dry out).

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