06/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Strangest New Teen Trend: Vlog Hauling

Just when you thought teenagers couldn't get any weirder, they've invented a new way to be peculiar: vlog hauling. Vlog hauls are five to 10 minute YouTube videos where the video-blogger narrates their recent purchases from Target, Forever 21, MAC and the like.

Their purpose is not entirely clear. For fun? To show off? To rehearse for future careers as QVC hosts? Regardless, hundreds-- if not thousands-- of these videos have proliferated over YouTube. And the strangest part: people are watching.

In one video with over 120,000 views, DulceCandy87 spends almost 8 minutes describing her purchases that day: four pairs of shoes, one headband, a skirt, gloves, two hats, three pairs of tights, and a Chanel-inspired purse.

She sprinkles her descriptions with inconsequential details like "I won't wear this to school, because I bring big ol' bags to school." And sometimes with personal commentary: "I like to hang my bras. Well, some of them."

But her most ironic comment occurs around 2:18 when she says, "I just noticed I make like all these weird facial expressions. I'm going to regret that when I'm 30."