03/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Saving Lives in Haiti: Generosity vs. Ridiculosity

So many beautiful people from so many countries are doing so many beautiful things. And there's so many organizations planning on making a plan; instead of going to f'n Haiti. The problem is now!!! And the problem is in Haiti, not in committees in air-conditioned offices in DC, NYC or anywhere other than f'n Haiti. Move now.
~Save people's lives now.

Today, January 22nd, Project Medishare moved to their newly constructed massive tent hospital on the airport of Port au Prince. It sits on about a hundred acres - It's huge compared to anything in Haiti and has all kinds of expansion capabilities. Desperately needed X-Ray, Dialysis and the basic tools that a Trauma Center needs are being installed. Hopefully IMSuRT (International Medical Surgical Response Team) will join Medishare with other groups on that site. Hopefully some country's Military will guard Medishare!!! These Docs don't have guns. Hell- these Docs don't even throw Rocks...

University of Miami- Global Institute of UM: has donated more than 100 staff. Dr. Pascal Goldschmidt, the Dean of UM Medical school is from Belgium, goes to Haiti and is coordinating massive efforts himself with Dr. Barth Green and Medishare. YOU GO PASCAL!!! YOU Go UM!!! The most common way a Dean of a Medical School can get fired is to do something financially risky. Pascal is a ROCK with STONES!!! Help Pascal keep his job and save tens of thousands of lives:

DOCS THAT ROCK! My phones are ringing off the hook - emails galore with Doctors, Rescue Crews, O.R. Nurses and EMT folks wanting to volunteer to Medishare.

DOCS at Mayo Clinic are raising funds for Medishare and going!!! No turf battle. Mayo DOCS ROCK!

I heard that GE has donated $2 million to Medishare. GO GE!!! You just saved a thousand people's lives!!! Couple hundred thousand more to save.

UPS (United Parcel Service) has been calling me trying to get more SLOTS to land more 757's. GO BIG BROWN!!!

There are trauma surgeons and nurses from Jackson Memorial/University of Miami that have been in surgery for over a week. Go Iky Ginsberg and team!!! Go Marguerite St. Fleur!!! Go Barth Green!!! You gals and guys ROCK!!! There's over a hundred of you - sorry for missing all of your names.

Robin Eissler of Jet-Quest in Austin Texas and Don Campion of Banyan Air at Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport: Robin Eissler has enlisted 400 airplanes from people and corporations with conscience and corporate citizenship through the CARE (Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies) and Don Campion has been working 24/7 staging them out of Banyan Air at FXE. Don grew up the only white kid in a small town in Africa; Don's parents- missionaries. He has an incurable case of STWPD (Save the World Personality Disorder). Robin and Don - You ROCK!

NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) ONE (1) -conversation with the founders of NCMEC, John and Revé Walsh!!! -and NCMEC in action to reunite children with their families!!! NCMEC reunited 5,500 children with their families after Katrina. GO NCMEC! They're on the ground, waiting for clearance to start operations with over 1,000 volunteers and people paid from private funds. I am on the board of NCMEC. It's the only Board I'm a member of. Help them! They protect our most valuable asset in the United States every day. OUR CHILDREN... Seriously, I've given them over $10 million in cash and my products for free since 1993. They do God's work. And they're under-funded.

My pilots Dan, Dirk and David out of Hop-a-Jet, who have flown 16 missions in Challenger 604 to Port au Prince with 2 near misses before the ROCKSTARS at TYNDALL AFB took over control of airspace. And they're doing 2 more tomorrow. Docs down - Critical patients back - You guys rock and you roll.

We've been contacting major Utility Companies about getting generators to Haiti to no avail. Here's one correspondence.

Response from CEO of a major Power Company: All power restoration efforts are indeed being coordinated through the EEI through the DOE. We have, I believe, sent "evaluation teams". There really isn't anything else we can do until the DOE coordinates.

My response to this CEO: Unless your "evaluation teams" are walking around disguised as Haitian earthquake survivors, they are not there. Your answer is crock of crap. (COC) If you have someone that would like to see what the makeshift hospitals need and what will help, we will accommodate. But I understand that the DOE has to approve what the EEI does with FU2. COC for sure!

CEO's Response to my attorney: Please have my email removed from Hank's system.
Dumber than the first response!

Overall every US Agency and Agent has been great. There was one rogue Customs officer who accused us, actually screamed at us, of using a disaster in Haiti to bring orphans into the United States. Questioning 4 children on my plane with Doctors keeping them alive; a double amputee, one in renal failure, one with 3rd degree burns on 50% of her 19 month old body and one having seizures makes him the winner so far. Agent KILO - You win the dumber than dog snot contest. And KILO you win the nastiest punk I've met in years award. Nothing uglier than a little bit of power.

FPL (Florida Power and Light)
We are awaiting an answer back from FPL. I've seen them do miracles in hurricanes; a thousand trucks rolling when the wind was still blowing. Great engineers. It's not about restoring electric to Port au Prince. That will take years. Today, it's about a little power where it's really needed. I hope FPL helps!

Will Militaries Protect Docs and medical teams on the ground?

Will IMSuRT join Global Institute of UM - Medishare?

When will food and water at the airport be delivered to the hospitals and people in Port au Prince?

Where's the Red Cross hiding in Haiti?

The Sad History of the US in Haiti
Haiti is a country that I have loved for 40 years. It was crime free until the Cop of the World - the United States decided to oust its leader.

The US pressured (forced) Baby Doc out. (Jean-Claude Duvalier) -The country had no crime. Read about it. Read about it and realize that this lead to a country where there were 4,000 kidnappings a day.

Seriously, sometimes it takes a Saddam Hussein or a Jean-Claude Duvalier - Bébé Doc to run an uneducated troubled country. The US needs to stop being the world's policeman. We suck at it. We overthrew the Shah of Iran and got the Ayatollah. We kicked Anastasio Somoza out of Nicaragua and it went communist. Dictating democracy, by definition, is ludicrous.

If you think I don't support our troops, you don't know me. The Saddam Hussein comment comes after studying terrorists in depth. NONE of the 19 - September 11th hijackers were from Iraq. And we found out the hard way that Iraq is not an easy people to govern.

Haitians are beautiful people. Let's help these beautiful, peaceful people, show them love and let them learn and be inspired from us to be lawful again. Let's allow them to have a powerful government without dictating our brand of democracy to them again.

Let's join hands with the countries helping Haiti and embrace this project together. Let's start making friends. We have far too many enemies today - Mostly for no sensible reasons.

You'll hear it the way I see it.

I'm headed back to Haiti Sunday with John Walsh.

You'll read an unvarnished view of GENEROSITY vs RIDICULOSITY on our return.

This Brazilian soldier just walked up to Turbo and me and hung with us for a few hours. Brazil has been in Haiti for years. 1,500 to 2,000 soldiers. They were there when earthquake hit. Story about this Brazilian soldier... When the earthquake happened, he thought his building was under attack. With his personal "etched very old shotgun" he ran out of building to meet the enemy. And the building collapsed right behind him. He lost a lot of friends. Brave young man. I think the gun was his father's gun... He's very proud of it. And that it's his, not military issue.

He didn't speak English or Spanish, so we were down to my Portuguese and hand signals. It always happens to me - the crazier the cop or the warrior, the more they're attracted to my stability and sanity. ~that's my take anyway

Last Monday: Me - Brazilian soldier - Turbo ~in front of old Medishare hospital

No Police - No Soldiers - No Red Cross / Only Turbo, me and quake survivors

No Police - No Soldiers - No Red Cross / Only Turbo, me and quake survivors

No Police - No Soldiers - No Red Cross / Only Docs and Critical in Old Medishare Hosp


No Police - No Soldiers - No Red Cross / Only Turbo, me and a high-rise Courthouse

Found the Soldiers - they're at Port au Prince airport!!!