Poem: We Look for Migration

11/17/2011 06:14 pm ET | Updated Jan 17, 2012


image courtesy of Betsy Eby

We Look for Migration

For months now,
I notice what seem

to be leaves floating
and flapping in the air

over the freeway, above
my windshield and car.

Butterflies. Buttery
yellow and orange,

mottled brown.
I see them and drive

beneath them,
their small, fervent

thrashing. Winged
things always look

like they are leaving.
Above the butterflies,

clusters of black birds.
For months, I've read

the scattered tea leaves
of their flight as departure.

Where we look for
migration, we will see

migration. If we anticipate
what we think we know

is coming, we won't be
as startled by what it

brings, the evening where
the afternoon once was.