Hate Mail and Cockfighting in America (VIDEO)

09/24/2010 01:53 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

First, let me say I'm strongly against cockfighting.

What's there not to hate about people who breed roosters to fight it out to the death in a ring (cockpit) and then wager on who will be the winner?

A while back, I ventured deep into the Louisiana Bayou in order to make a documentary on cockfighting. After I finished the project I posted the video on You Tube.

What's astonishing: when I posted the video, I got a slew of irate comments from people who were pro-cockfighting. Quicker than you can say reinstate-Michael-Vick-in-the-NFL, America's cockfighting contingent called me everything from a communist to a tree-humper. They pointed out that I was actually the ignorant one when it comes to disdaining animals tearing each other apart for the entertainment of humans.

Here's a taste of the actual hate comments from proud Americans who wanted me to keep my hands off their cock with my anti-cockfighting stance. It's a vastly different world outside of San Francisco:

F*cked up? Harmon you know nothing about cockfighting, what are you a tree humper? a vegitarian? suck a fat one you queer!

The Gamecock is a true warrior meant for battle. So all you dog or cat loving french kissing freaks are the ones that need to be checked. Come on think about it, we fight gamecocks because that is exactly what they were put on this earth for. I really don't think God meant for Humans to french kiss their animals after they've licked their asses and genitals clean, but you do it anyways. Now who's the one that needs help?

I continue_ to be amazed at how some ill imformed people think they have a right to restrict peoples use of their animals. The gamecocks intended use for thousands of years is to fight. If you do not agree with it, mind your own buisness. The best people I have ever met were cockfighters.

this film represents american ignorance towards cockfighting

if u dont like it why did u go ..and to eat a chicken that only lives less than 6weeks but talk sh*t bout cockfighting ur a f*ckn hipacrit..

the cockfighting is been a tradition for centuries, please dont come with that stupid, sick and gay ideas like this one,i can tell this guy used to play or still playing with barbies and dressing people up at the carnivals with flowers

I love my fowl and i will fight until every breath in me is gone thats what my fowl show me so i will do the same. any one dont like fowl go have a sit down and discuss on how come teenangers are sleeping around more and doin drugs lol YOU BASTERDS BANNED EVERY GOD DAMN THING YOU DONT LIKE WELL COCKFIGHITNG WILL NOT GO AWAY..GOD BLESS ALL THE GAMEFOWL BREEDERS OUT THERE

Im switching to republican.Harmon you are a communist,that doesnt deserve to live in a free country.

you stupid f*ck dumbass tree huggers like you, are why we have so many stupid liberal laws forced upon us

its fucking sick put those f*cking hippies in the ring

In the u.s. you can't even do werever you want with your own animals fuking guy shit!!!

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