05/23/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Jun 14, 2012

Larry King Jumps the Shark, Has Health Care Debate With Stephen Baldwin

2010-03-24-0.jpgHas CNN jumped the shark in a continuing pale attempt of mixing pop culture with politics?

In order to focus on the red hot health care bill being passed, Larry King took the opportunity to strike up a debate with actor Stephen Baldwin. That's right, Larry King actually spent a portion of his show engaging in a health care debate with the least talented, born-again Christian, Baldwin brother. While the health care bill is making headlines, Larry King couldn't even get Alec Baldwin to engage in a practical discourse of ideas--instead he got the star of Bio Dome.

Example of Stephen Baldwin negative stance in the Obama health care debate:

"Where's the hope Larry? Where's the change?"

I think comedian Aisha Tyler was also involved in the health care debate. Baldwin went on to call Vice President Biden a "potty mouth". When it comes to one of the key political issues in the last 50 years, I always need to hear actors chime in on their opinions. Yes, Larry King, you have truly jumped the shark.

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