10/04/2010 06:00 pm ET | Updated Jun 14, 2012

When Will They Make the Movie About the Guy Who Created Wikipedia?

I have a friend who works at Facebook. (I think he created the "Like" button.) On Friday, Mark Zuckerberg rented out an entire multiplex and took the whole Facebook crew to see The Social Network. It was a surreal experience for him to sit a few rows behind Zuckerberg during the screening. Apparently the Facebook CEO laughed his ass off during the entire film. (I wonder how Bill Gates reacted to Anthony Micheal Hall's performance in Pirates of Silicon Valley?)

Excellent public relations maneuver on Zuckerberg's part. The real question is, did he bang any movie groupies in a bathroom stall after the film?

The Social Network also rocked this weekend's box office. Inevitably, more movies about websites will follow. Personally, I can't wait until they make a movie about the guy who created Wikipedia. Don't you want to see a cinematic version of Jimmy Wales banging Wikipedia groupies in bathroom stalls?