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US: National Survey (CBS/NYT 6/16-20)

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CBS News / New York Times
6/16-20/10; 1,259 adults, 3% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews
(CBS: toplines, story; Times: toplines, story)


Obama Job Approval
47% Approve, 43% Disapprove (chart)
Dems: 74 / 16 (chart)
Reps: 15 / 80 (chart)
Inds: 43 / 44 (chart)
Economy: 45 / 48 (chart)
Oil Spill: 43 / 47

B.P handling of Gulf Oil Spill
13% Approve, 79% Disapprove

Congress Job Approval
19% Approve, 70% Disapprove (chart)

"Do most members of Congress deserve re-election"
9% yes, 79% no

Obama's response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
2% too quick, 61% too slow, 32% about right

How much does Obama care about people affected by oil spill
43% a lot, 32% some, 14% not much, 8% not much at all

Trust more to handle oil spill
27% BP, 56% federal government, 5% both equally, 9% neither

"Would you favor allowing increased drilling for oil and natural gas off the U.S. coast, or do you think the costs and risks are too great?"
42% favor, 49% costs, risks too great

"Do you think the United States is too dependent on other countries for oil, or not?"
93% yes, 5% no

"Right now, which do you think should be a higher priority for the government -- protecting the environment, or developing new sources of energy?"
29% environment, 49% energy, 20% both equally

State of the Country
32% right direction, 60% wrong track (chart)

Party ID
32% Democrat, 29% Republican, 39% independent (chart)