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Afghanistan--A Voice for the Choice Obama Has Rejected

In case you haven't noticed, the "debate" about Afghanistan going on inside the White House (thanks for the transparency) has already been decided, and the answer is: we're staying.  The remaining question being considered is: how many troops?   The question not being considered, if leaks are any indication, is why?

If there's any consistency to the foreign-policy mistakes of America in the post-World War Two era, it's the saga of brilliant men deciding upon wars in countries they barely understand, countries whose history they ignore--at our peril.  That was the story of Vietnam, of Iraq, and it's now being repeated. It's also the story of a policy becoming hostage to notions of our "credibility" as a world power, as if being trapped in a debilitating struggle with enemies who aren't leaving (and who know we are) is good for the ol' image.

But, and I'm anticipating two-thirds of your comments, I'm "just" a funny person.  You bet.  That's why I pay attention to the people who know what they're talking about on this issue, and here's one of them--Matthew Hoh, who had the guts Colin Powell wishes he'd had, who resigned his State Department job rather than continue to promote a failing, misguided, doomed policy.  Read Hoh's online chat.  He's not kidding.