Anderson and Brian, Here's the Story

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET

National reporters come back to New Orleans, patting themselves on the back for returning to have a chat with Mayor Nagin as they walk down Bourbon Street. Meanwhile, there are real stories all around them. Listen to WWL: radio, or watch the Mayor's various town meetings, and hear about people who try to move back, try to get FEMA trailers, succeed, and then run up against the fact that FEMA won't let them occupy the trailers until they have electricity. And, if they put the trailers on their ruined property, in the ruined part of town, there is no electricity, and the local electric utility, Entergy, is bankrupt and in no hurry to restore power to areas where there are few ratepayers (although they keep sending bills to people for the months when those people were evacuees, and their houses had no power anyway).
And, if that's not enough of a story, try this, from Chris Rose in the Times Picayune.