08/10/2005 02:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Deja Voodoo

There are those who, impatient with the anti-war cohort's insistence on fleshing out the details of the falsehoods by which we were led into Iraq, keep saying, "let it be, it's in the past, what good does it do to obsess about what's done?". The answer to that question is now available in one neat word: Iran. As the United States grows increasingly unhappy with that country's nuclear stance, and the angry voices on the right renew their drumbeat of disdain for the IAEA and its chief, one wonders how much credibility this position has in the rest of the world, which may be excused for thinking it has seen this performance before. For those of us in the front rows Stateside, this piece from the Asia Times provides a calm, if disturbing, overview of Iran's situation.