Don't Evacuate New Orleans Again, Eric

10/08/2005 11:09 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Eric Schmeltzer on this site suggests alarmingly that Ray Nagin and other politicians greedy for tax moneys to start up their governments again are irresponsibly urging New Orleanians back into an environment that, according to one scientist's testing, is unsafe.

Two things: Eric should get hold of the multi-page warning sheet the City has issued to all residents considering coming back in. Sobering enough that it probably satisfies legal requirements to avoid municipal liability, sure, but you won't be going there in flip-flops and swimming trunks after reading that sheet (sorry, not online).

And, according to the story he links to, in the Baton Rouge Advocate, the only specific area listed with specific high levels of nasty stuff is the Ninth Ward--the only area of New Orleans into which citizens are not being welcomed, or even allowed, back.