12/09/2005 12:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Krugman on Katrina: Half Right

A national columnist finally tackles the post-Katrina mess today. Paul Krugman in the NYT (no link, it's behind the TimeSelect pay wall) excoriates Bush for promising a major reconstruction in Iraq, then waiting until the window of possibility (for the visible progress to discourage the insurgency) closed, then points out a similar pattern--a major, Jackson Square under lights, promise of big-time reconstruction in the Gulf South, followed by....nothing. True as far as it goes. But, what's left out of Krugman's column? How about sparing some outrage that the national Dem leaders, so busy trying to figure out three years later what they "really" think about Iraq, have been silent on the Katrina debacle as well? Krugman's right, Katrina is a replay of Iraq, but it includes both Bush's overpromising and underdelivering and the Dems' fecklessness in crafting a consistent and coherent response. Where's Ross Perot when we need him?