Louisiana's "Road Home"--the Goalposts Keep Moving

08/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

For those outside New Orleans who ask, "what happened to all the Federal money down there?", another guide appears in Saturday's Times-Picayune, a Cook's tour of some of the Kafkaesque labyrinth homeowners have had to navigate to get their Road Home grant.

Just to review, that grant is Federal money funneled (at Federal insistence) through a highly restrictive State process (you can't trust the City), which the State then contracted out to a private firm. That contract was by far the biggest the firm, ICF International, had ever received, and the company rushed to issue an IPO before the ink had dried.

But the homeowners, trying to get compensation for being flooded out by the failure of the federal levees, are still trying, as we near the third anniversary of the disaster. Never too late for a quick start. Meanwhile, for fun weekend reading, try this, President Bush's Jackson Square speech three weeks after the city flooded.