10/10/2005 03:36 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Miller Time

Greg Mitchell, in Editor and Publisher, asks a nice bunch of questions about the latest turn in l'affaire Plame, the discovery that Judy Miller had previously undisclosed notes about a previously undisclosed conversation with Scooter Libby two weeks before Joe Wilson's op-ed on the Niger uranium claim was published, and the fact that those notes were discovered in the Washington bureau of the NYT. It's a set of wacky coincidences that would make most sitcom writers blush, and Mitchell's money question is this:

What's with Miller, after going to jail for 85 days -- purportedly to stand up for a journalistic principle (protecting a source) -- now turning over her notes to the prosecutor, apparently with her newspaper's blessing?

She'll go to jail to protect a source, but she'll do what newspapers and television networks have long refused to do -- turn over notes (or outtakes). Can we rescind Judy's First Amendment Award yet?