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Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer

Posted: October 1, 2009 11:03 PM

Obama to New Orleans: Hold On, I'm Coming

What's Your Reaction?

Like a rock or pop act that makes its audience wait till the encore to hear the Big Hit, President Obama has made New Orleans wait till mid- or late-October for the long-promised Presidential visit to the Crescent City.   But, hey, priorities speak louder than promises. 

Two points about The Visit: as the Sun-Herald correctly points out, the President's visit is limited to New Orleans, leaving out a touchdown in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the area actually devastated by Hurricane Katrina, as opposed to the area (N.O. and vicinity) devastated by the failure of the federally-designed and -constructed levees and floodwalls.

Second, the White House's press release (which appears to not appear any more at emphasizes the President's commitment to the visit as a touchstone for reforming disaster-response at federal, state and local levels.  Translation: whoever is advising Obama is, like the national media, obsessed with the failures of Bush-era FEMA, and not at all focused on the four-decade-long failure, under both parties, of the Army Corps of Engineers.

But let's hear it for "Free Bird".

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