11/15/2006 09:08 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

O.J.--You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down

In what must be deemed a marriage made in television hell, my good friends at Fox are bedding up with O.J. Simpson for an end-of-sweeps stunt special called "If I Did It", according to a report in today's WaPo. NewsCorp's own Judith Regan, who--how do these coincidences happen?--is also publishing a book by the same guy under the same name at the same time--"interviews" Simpson about how he would have performed the brutal double murders, had he done so. It's a breathtaking use of the past subjunctive by a network that normally can barely manage the present tense. But, while we're wallowing, you might want to know what really happened in the second Simpson trial, the civil one in which he was actually found to have non-subjunctively killed two people. Here's a link to my coverage of that trial from Slate. As O.J. might say, now that he's reportedly richer to the tune of $3.5 million of Rupert's money, enjoy.