Rendition Gets a Little More Extraordinary

06/02/2008 06:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Extraordinary rendition -- it sounds like a Steven Seagal movie title, but it's the practice, which the administration denied, then admitted but said it abandoned, of capturing individuals, holding them incommunicado and then shipping them off to third countries whose human-rights records are not, shall we say, on the dainty side, for some serious interrogation.

As with most legally questionable practices in the administration's war on the Constitution, this ER hasn't been cancelled, either. According to this story in Monday's Guardian, the action has moved to--prison ships. Check the quote from a British Conservative MP to see how non-leftish the objections to this procedure are in our closest ally.

"Little by little, the truth is coming out on extraordinary rendition. The rest will come, in time. Better for governments to be candid now, rather than later. Greater transparency will provide increased confidence that President Bush's departure from justice and the rule of law in the aftermath of September 11 is being reversed, and can help to win back the confidence of moderate Muslim communities, whose support is crucial in tackling dangerous extremism."