03/11/2008 12:11 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sex Hypocrisy Trumps The Other Kinds

The pending downfall of Eliot Spitzer is making huge national news, primarily because he's governor of the state where the national news media are located (although there's a recent tape of Katie Couric wondering if the country cares about Bernie Kerik -- who came a lot closer to posing a threat to the nation than Gov. Spitzer). But mention of Kerik, even within parentheses, should remind us that the Spitzer switcheroo -- two fisted crime-fighting prosecutor to alleged Mann Act violator -- is not the most dramatic nor ironic of 180s just among New York prosecutors-turned-pols.

There is, after all, the case of Rudy Giuliani, the mob-fighting US attorney turned mobbed-up mayor and presidential candidate. Mobbed up?

When Giuliani discovered that his ex-chaffeur-turned-police-chief-turned-
Secretary was involved with "nice people", his reaction, uttered during his presidential campaign, was that Kerik was one of the few nominees he had failed properly to vet. No outrage that his Police Chief, for God's sake, was involved with mobsters, no prosecutorial get-tough language. Lock-em-up Rudy was now Understanding Rudy. All this transpired as his presidential campaign was spiraling earthward, so maybe the national media thought the guy was being punished enough. But he's still maintaining a career as a security consultant, which, given the fact that he insisted his city's disaster response center be placed in the World Trade Center complex (against the advice of his own police experts), is like Marcia Clark getting a $4 million book deal for losing the Trial of the Century.

Rudy made one smart move in all this: not getting Bernie a hooker.