Some Hounds from St. Bernard (and some cats)

08/01/2008 02:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I don't blanket email, but this is as close as it comes. The St. Bernard Parish animal shelter, just east of New Orleans, has run out of room, and a lot of dogs and cats either have to be adopted know the rest. They will provide out-of-state transportation for some of the animals. I've been listening to my wife looking at the pics and calling me in to look at Brutus and Elvis...

St. Bernard, for those of you new to the New Orleans story, is the suburban county next to New Orleans which shared in the horrific flooding. All the housing stock of the parish (county) was destroyed. It's slowly rebuilding, but, in that setting, the animals are definitely in need of some outside friendship.

UPDATE: At Michelle Pilecki's sound suggestion, here are photos of some of the

And here's the website of the shelter itself: