Suing the Corps

04/26/2006 05:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's made the AP wire, but your local media (not to mention the national media) may not have picked it up. There are now three lawsuits against the US Army Corps of Engineers for the flooding that devastated New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The newest one, filed yesterday, includes as its plaintiffs Norman Robinson--that's right, for those of you paying close attention, the co-moderator with the unusually laconic (on that night) Chris Matthews of last week's mayoral debate on MSNBC. One of the lawyers handling the case, which alleges that the Corps had plenty of information that the MR-GO canal would wreak the kind of havoc it has ended up wreaking, is major-league LA attorney Pierce O'Donnell. With that kind of a local angle, and with editor Dean Baquet's supposed commitment to New Orleans, will a story about this suit make tomorrow's LA Times? Do bears wear Prada?

And, if this story doesn't make you want to sue the Corps, nothing will. Months later, against the information provided by independent experts, your Corps and mine is still insisting that overtopping, rather than breaches, caused most of the flooding damage.