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The Katrina Timeline, and Fox

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A commenter recently suggested that I should eat my criticism of Fox News for "reporting" at 7:50 a.m. Aug. 29 that a levee breach had occurred in New Orleans. Today's Times-Picayune presents the latest, and perhaps most nearly authoritative, timeline for discovery of the 17th St. Canal and other floodwall breaches, and says:

The breach of the 17th Street Canal levee, which was reported to New Orleans authorities early on the afternoon of Aug. 29, was confirmed by the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness in a 6 p.m. summary distributed to state and federal emergency officials in Baton Rouge.

"No power, 911 system down, EOC (emergency operations center) on emergency power and cell phones," the summary said. "Entire city flooded, except French Quarter/West Bank/Business district."

So Fox's "report", which was not repeated nor followed up by substantive reporting as the day wore on, still stands as, at best, prediction rather than description.