Why New Orleanians Feel Nervous

08/09/2007 07:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The long-term future of the city depends on the restoration of the wetlands. But the immediate and short-term future of New Orleans depends on a stronger, smarter storm surge protection system. As things now stand, responsibility for designing and constructing that system is in the hands of the same agency that made catastrophic errors in designing and constructing elements of the system that failed almost two years ago--the US Army Corps of Engineers. Today's Times-Picayune reports on a New Orleans hearing in which the Corps explained (?) why it doesn't yet have a plan for preventing flooding on the city's eastern flank. If you can imagine sitting in New Orleans, or thinking about moving back home, and reading this, you can understand why New Orleanians feel nervous.
UPDATE; And there's also this--the Corps delayed communicating its own report on deficiencies in the 17th St. Canal floodwall to other parts of its organization, as well as to the local levee district, for at least a year. This is supposed to be the new, more serious, post-Katrina Corps?