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Hayley Gorenberg
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Hayley Gorenberg is the Deputy Legal Director for Lambda Legal, the oldest and largest national legal organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and people with HIV.

Gorenberg is lead counsel in Lambda Legal's New Jersey marriage equality case. She also served as lead counsel in Lambda Legal's high-impact legal action against Cirque du Soleil on behalf of performer Matthew Cusick, fired because he has HIV. The case resulted in the largest award ever for an HIV-discrimination complaint settled with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as revised disability nondiscrimination policies and training for all Cirque employees worldwide.

Gorenberg advocates, writes and speaks widely on cutting-edge civil rights topics across the range of Lambda Legal's civil rights mission, including the rights of youth in schools, relationship rights for same-sex couples, workplace fairness, HIV issues and the rights of transgender people. She is involved in schools-related litigation, legal advocacy, and formulation of model policies promoting the rights of LGBTQ students, schools professionals, administrators, and allies across the nation.

Prior to joining Lambda Legal, Gorenberg served as Coordinating Attorney for HIV Advocacy at the Legal Support Unit of Legal Services for New York City, where she ran a citywide legal task force addressing the emerging needs of low-income New Yorkers with HIV. Earlier, as the first staff attorney in the HIV Advocacy Project of Legal Services' Queens office, she engaged in a comprehensive civil litigation practice representing people with HIV.

She served on the Bioethics Committee and chaired the Special Committee on AIDS for the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

Gorenberg is a 2010-2011 Wasserstein Public Interest Fellow at Harvard School of Law, graduated with honors from Princeton University. She earned her law degree in 1992 from New York University School of Law, where she received the National Association of Women Lawyers Award. Gorenberg then clerked in the Southern District of New York. Prior to studying law, she had a successful career as a journalist.

Entries by Hayley Gorenberg

Carving LGBT Families Out of Immigration Protections: Wrong and Harmful

(1) Comments | Posted July 22, 2013 | 5:09 PM

The Supreme Court was unequivocal in its statement of the equality of married same-sex couples when it struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in its United States v. Windsor decision.

Yet former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and law professor David Strange made a wholly...

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A Whirlwind Season for Student Rights in New York

(1) Comments | Posted July 10, 2012 | 3:37 PM

This post was co-authored by Hayley Gorenberg, Lambda Legal's Deputy Legal Director, and Michael Kavey, an attorney and writer in New York who blogs about LGBT youth issues at LGBT Youth Allies.

They showed up to learn. Instead they were spat upon and called vulgar names. They had...

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Let's Celebrate Gay-Straight Alliances!

(5) Comments | Posted January 25, 2012 | 3:27 PM

Today, on National Gay-Straight Alliance Day, I am ready to celebrate! But first I must confess: I wish I didn't have to hear about another school district denying students their right to form the clubs that provide so much support and are protected by law. At Lambda Legal we deal...

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Why We Need the Student Non-Discrimination Act

(58) Comments | Posted April 17, 2011 | 9:08 AM

Fifteen years ago we successfully represented Jamie Nabozny after he endured years of bullying and harassment at school. The ruling from the court in his case made clear for the first time that the Constitution protects gay students from harassment and abuse just as much as it protects...

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TSA Screening Reveals Transgender People's Experiences for All of Us

(40) Comments | Posted November 24, 2010 | 2:27 PM

This post is co-authored by Lambda Legal's Deputy Legal Director, Hayley Gorenberg, and Transgender Rights Attorney, M. Dru Levasseur

A fellow transgender rights activist ran a training scenario on fairness in the workplace where he demanded of a coworker: "I need to know what's in your pants! How can I...

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The Affirmative Power of Visibility

(0) Comments | Posted November 15, 2010 | 3:09 PM

This is the final part of a three-part series on the consequences of invisibility. Read parts one and two.

When we get counted, we count. Our visibility can yield power. Lambda Legal and our sister civil rights organizations are supporting efforts to get lesbian, gay, bisexual...

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The Perils of 'Passing' as a Goal

(2) Comments | Posted November 2, 2010 | 1:09 AM

This is the second of a three-part series on the consequences of invisibility and the power of visibility. Read part one here.

A safe haven of invisibility rarely if ever exists for LGBT people. Prizing invisibility causes damage in and of itself, and subsequent incomplete or "failed" invisibility...

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Gay Rights as Human Rights

(4) Comments | Posted October 26, 2010 | 1:33 AM

This is the first of a three-part series on the consequences of invisibility and the power of visibility. The author delivered these remarks at a forum hosted by the University College London Jurisprudence Review.

Have you seen old maps? Beyond the edges of explored territory, the maps bore a legend...

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