Brilliant Traces

10/25/2011 03:55 pm ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

In this day and age it seems there are countless films and television shows to keep track of, but how do viewers know the actors on-screen are rightly talented? I was fortunate to get a sneak preview of the intelligent and sharp collaboration with actor/model Jacob Schirmer and actress Fiona Thompson in this week's debut of Brilliant Traces at The Producers Club in New York City.

Brilliant Traces is an off-Broadway, two person play that shines on true talent. Schirmer and Thompson have produced this play with an "out-of-pocket" budget, and an 80 min plot with no intermission. It requires a collective synced ability to work within that scope.

The play written by Cindy Lou Johnson takes an audience through a whirlwind of emotions. Henry Harry played by Schirmer is forced to reveal the struggles of isolation, pain and impulse in this play and discovers the power of taking chances and how voicing bottled up feelings can bring light to a situation.

"My character Henry Harry is basically damaged goods and has fled from society to live alone in Alaska and lick his wounds. Anyone who has lost someone they love can relate to this character. You have a choice to pick up the pieces and move on or go off and die alone somewhere, that's basically what Henry does. It's quite depressing. However, when Rosanna shows up you see a light in Henry go on, a hope that he might fight for his life. Really, that's what we all do day in and day out, we fight for our lives," says Schirmer.

Thompson plays the charming and hilarious Rosanna. Her character has little to no direction after stepping away from a marriage and left feeling lost. The actors did a superb job of bringing humor to sensitive real life subjects relatable to all.

Thompson stated,

I loved playing Rosanna. Throughout the play she goes through a range of motions from one event that happened in her life. I found this easy to relate to. When something big happens I never feel one emotion. I feel happy sad, hopeful and angry. I used that to have fun with the character and play around with the emotions she goes through the play with.

After speaking with the actors coming from such opposite personalities of their characters, both Schirmer and Thompson have put their best foot forward to give a 5 star performance. The story is living proof that when lives collide as displayed in Brilliant Traces, you never know what you will learn about yourself from spending time with a stranger.