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December 9, 2016
Nicholas Miriello

No, I Don't Want to Work Out With You

Senior International Editor, The Huffington Post

I'm never not connected. I'm so fucking connected. So connected. And so are you. And yet somehow, when we have a simple goal in front of us, like working out, we manage to gum that up too with socializing, social media, headphones, support apps, and so on.

What Motivates 100-Year-Old Sprinter? 'Winning'


This Bengaluru Engineer Decided To Drive A Car Without A Horn. Best Decision Ever.

Aleutie via Getty Images

Put Down The Junk Food And Try These Healthier Swaps

HuffPost Canada

7 Things You Should Know About Periods After Pregnancy

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Women As Young As 29 Are Hitting Menopause In India: Report

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Six Yoga Poses That Can Teach You (A Little) French

Institut français

B.C. Bans Youth E-Cigarette Sales

diego_cervo via Getty Images

'Zumba Helped Me To Dance My Way Out Of Depression,' Says Fitness Expert Sucheta Pal

Sucheta Pal

PHOTOS: India's First Mr Universe Manohar Aich Passes Away At 104

All India Radio News/Twitter

Studying From Hospital Bed Battling Cancer, 18-Year-Old Scores 95.8% In ICSE Exams


'Let Them Be': Kota District Collector's Emotional Open Letter Is A Must Read For Every Parent


Forget Morning Runs, These People Go To Raves

Daybreaker TO

Tone Your Whole Body With This 10-Minute Treadmill Workout

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Bottled Water Is About To Overtake Soda. That's Good.. And Bad.

Michael Loccisano via Getty Images

This Intense Push-Up Will Help Tone Your Arms

Shuji Kobayashi via Getty Images

Beijing-To-Vancouver Flight Passengers Were Exposed To Measles

Zhang Peng via Getty Images

Easy Workouts That Will Keep You Fit While On Vacation

Guido Mieth via Getty Images

Ugly Produce Is Selling So Well That Loblaw Is Expanding It

No Frills


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