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September 19, 2014
Nicholas Miriello

No, I Don't Want to Work Out With You

Senior/International Blog Editor, The Huffington Post

I'm never not connected. I'm so fucking connected. So connected. And so are you. And yet somehow, when we have a simple goal in front of us, like working out, we manage to gum that up too with socializing, social media, headphones, support apps, and so on.

Forget Standing Desks. Hamster Wheel Desks Are What's Up


The Best Time To Get The Flu Vaccine If You Really Don't Want To Get Sick

Sneaky Ways Our Environment Tricks Us Into Eating More (And How To Avoid Them)

Katrina Wittkamp via Getty Images

All The Ways Exercise Makes Us Happier


The Air Dryer Vs. Paper Towel Debate Is Over


The Myth Of Comfort Food

Brian Yarvin via Getty Images

3 Ways You're Wasting Money On Your Workouts

ohmygouche via Getty Images

How A Custodian Taught This Veteran Nonprofit Exec A Crucial Lesson In Fundraising

ShotShare via Getty Images

Tara Lost 89 Pounds: 'I Love The Life I Am Living Now'

Tara B.

The Best Way To Prepare Fish For The Biggest Brain Benefits


Study Shows We're More Attracted To The Body Odors Of People Who Vote Like Us

shironosov via Getty Images

This 1800s Cardio Machine Looks Surprisingly Familiar

Wellcome Library/

Why Walking To Work Is More Than Just Good Exercise

Alistair Berg via Getty Images

The Other Amazing Use For Brown Bananas


5 Pain-Relieving Gadgets That May Actually Work

Courtesy of Lumo Lift

Texas QB Leaves Football Due To Concussion Symptoms

Cooper Neill via Getty Images

Jim Kelly Finds Inner Strength From Family, What Matters Most

Vaughn Ridley via Getty Images

What To Say, Where To Get Help And Other Things You Should Know About Suicide Prevention

hikrcn via Getty Images

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