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December 20, 2014
Nicholas Miriello

No, I Don't Want to Work Out With You

Supervising International Blog Editor, The Huffington Post

I'm never not connected. I'm so fucking connected. So connected. And so are you. And yet somehow, when we have a simple goal in front of us, like working out, we manage to gum that up too with socializing, social media, headphones, support apps, and so on.

When You Lose Weight, You're Literally Disappearing Into Thin Air

Fuse via Getty Images

The 14 Most Inspiring Weight Loss Stories Of 2014

The Huffington Post

This Gadget Hooks Onto Your Underwear And Helps You Chill Out


The New ADHD Debate Every Woman Should Know About

Adam Voorhes

6 Diets With Serious Flaws

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Britney Spears Rocks A Bikini On Women's Health Cover


Sanity-Saving Secrets For Caring For Your Aging Parents

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Obama's Pick For Surgeon General Prevails Over NRA

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Why Women Spend Hundreds On Athletic Clothes They Don't Actually Wear To Work Out

Carbon 38

The Best Breakfast For Staying Laser-Focused All Day


9 Ways Health Changed Forever In 2014

Getty Images

Napster Founder Sean Parker Pledges Millions For Allergy Cure

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

The Unexpected Health Consequence Of Moving To The City

Matthias Clamer via Getty Images

This One Goes Out To All The Haters Who Think Yoga Isn't Exercise

Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

Devastating Fire Destroys Crucial Ebola Medicine In Guinea

CELLOU BINANI via Getty Images

7 Reasons To Strengthen Your Core That Have Nothing To Do With 6-Pack Abs

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If You're Not Diabetic, Don't Bother Going On This Diet

Dmitry Lobanov via Getty Images

We Can Change Our Genes With Exercise

XiXinXing via Getty Images


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Authorities Beg Villagers Not To Lynch Practitioner Suspected Of Spreading HIV

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